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 TOUR # 4



 This tour starts with a three hour drive through a beautiful scenic road to the north of Creel. During this drive you will be able to admire beautiful woodlands and Tarahumara settlements.

 On your arrival to the Candameņa Canyon you will be able to admire the Basaseachi Waterfall, the third largest waterfall in North America (340 meters, 1,115 feet).

 You will first be taken to two viewpoints, just a short easy hike from the van. Next, after walking down through a steep trail you will get to the "Ventana" (window) viewpoint, a natural rock formation which is halfway down the canyon. You will be able to look up at the waterfall as it comes over the cliff and down toward you.

 The Candameņa Canyon is home to two of the highest waterfalls and the highest cliff (El Gigante) in North America. Though only the Basaseachi Waterfall will be visited on this tour.

 Your visit to this waterfall will be memorable.

 This tour is offered to a minimun of 5 to 6 people.

 On your departure a Box Lunch will be provided to you, allowing you to eat at your convenience.

 Please e-mail us for discount prices and reservations.

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