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 TOUR # 1



 This tour includes five stops, none of them very far from Creel: the Cusarare Waterfall, the Mission in the town of Cusarare, Arareko Lake, the "Elephant" Rock formation, and a Tarahumara cave dwelling.

 Cusarare is 22 kilometers from Creel. Once in Cusarare the Waterfall is a short 10 minute walk during the dry season and a 40 minute walk during the rainy season. The walk to the Waterfall is easy and wonderful, you will be walking through a beautifully forested area with rock formations, with the Cusarare river to one side. The walk to the Falls is level with no steep slopes.

 After your visit to the Waterfall your next stop will be the Old Mission town of Cusarare. In the center of town you will be able to visit the 300 year old Jesuit Mission Church. This Old Mission is one of the oldest churches in the area and was restored in the 1970's.

 On the return trip your next stop will be Arareko Lake. Because the lake is shaped like a horseshoe, it was given the Tarahumara word for "horseshoe: "Arareko". Surrounding the Lake are gentle rolling pine covered hills, truly a site to remember.

 The last stop is the "Elephant" Rock, an unusual rock formation in which you will clearly see the shape of an elephant.

 This tour is offered to a minimun of 4 to 5 people.

 On your departure a Box Lunch will be provided to you, allowing you to eat at your convenience.

 Please e-mail us for discount prices and reservations.

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