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 This tour begins in Chihuahua when our driver will pick you up at your hotel, airport or bus terminal.

 The drive to Batopilas will be a wonderful one. You will traverse the Plains of the Big State of Chihuahua then enter into the High Sierras, from these high mountains you will then go down to a deep 6000 foot canyon to the Old MIning town of Batopilas.

 During the trip to Batopilas you will see the Urique, Humira, Basihuare and La Bufa Canyons.

 Once in Batopilas you will arrive to the Hacienda Rio Batopilas Hotel. A truly exquisite oportunity to stay at an old colonial Hacienda. The lodging here is First Class.

 You will be able to walk through this unique town, which is literally enclosed by canyon walls on all sides.

 The following morning you begin begin your trip back to Chihuahua City. The scenery on the road to Batopilas is so diverse, that you will truly enjoy seeing it again on the way back from a diferent perspective.

 Once in Chihuahua City our driver will leave you at your hotel, airport or bus terminal.

 This tour is offered to a minimun of 10 people.

 Please e-mail us for discount prices and reservations.

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