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 Whether you are staying in a Hotel in Chihuahua City or just arriving at the airport or bus terminal, our driver will pick you up so that you can start your adventure to the Sierra Tarahumara.

 You will enjoy a leisurely 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive to Creel, where the adventure really begins.

 From Creel you will visit the beautiful Cusarare Waterfalls, the town of Cusarare and it's old Jesuit Mission. You will also visit the Arareko Lake and an inhabited Tarahumara Indian Cave.

 Your lodging and supper will be at Casa Margarita's in Creel.

 After breakfast the second morning you will take a one hour drive to the Divisadero Canyon. Here you will visit two Lookout Points where you will be able to admire the Canyon from different angles. At one of these lookout points is the "Piedra Volada", the "Balancing Rock where you can actually stand at the edge of the cliff and balance a rock towards the cliffs edge. Looks dangerous but it's really safe.

 From the Divisadero Canyon your trip to Chihuahua City begins. On your arrival to Chihuahua you will be dropped off the place of your choice.

 This tour is offered to a minimum of 10 people.

 Please e-mail us for discount prices and reservations.

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